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The signs of dyslexia

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Understanding and identifying the key signs of dyslexia is the first stage in the diagnostic process.

Some of the common signs and symptoms of dyslexia in teenagers and adults include:

•           Poor standard of written work compared with oral ability

•           Inconsistent spelling

•           Difficulty taking notes in lessons / lectures

•           Difficulty with planning and organising written work

•           Omitting, repeating or adding extra words when reading

•           Failing to recognise familiar words

•           Difficulty remembering tables and/or basic number sets

•           Finding sequencing problematic

•           Confusing direction - left/right

•           Unable to understand multiple instructions

•           Often in the wrong place at the wrong time

•           Low self-esteem




In addition to the list above, some signs of dyslexia may be more noticeable in adult life. These include:

•           Difficulty with map reading

•           Difficulty filling in forms and writing reports

•           Difficulty structuring work schedules

•           Frequently losing and forgetting items and information


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