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Proofreading and Editing

I offer a proofreading and editing service to help improve the quality of your written work. 




I offer a proofreading service to check for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors you may have missed in your writing. This can include:

  • Incomplete sentences and overly long sentences

  • Misuse of capital letters

  • Syntax errors

  • Lack of punctuation

I highlight any changes I have made in red text.


I also offer a more detailed editing service which helps to improve the clarity, tone and flow of your writing. This can involve:

  • Removing any repetition and wordiness to improve the flow

  • Making changes to word choice to improve the academic tone and precision

  • Ensuring quoted material is embedded into the text

  • Re-ordering sentences within a paragraph to improve clarity and development of the argument

  • Removing any subjective and personal language to achieve an objective academic tone


I strongly believe editing should be a collaborative process. It is crucial that your own voice is not lost during the editing process, therefore I use track-changes to record my proposed changes and offer a feedback session to talk through my comments and edits.

Costs are dependent on word count, level of study and turnaround time. Please contact me to discuss in more detail.

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